This page contains all of the materials you will need to experience Tide Times.
Here is the map you need to locate all of the experiences we have made for the island:
Tide Times Map
Use the map to navigate the island. We have indicated places on the island where we suggest you listen to each track. 
Invitations to Play
In August 2018 we left treasure chests in each location for people to find. These boxes contained invitations to play, make and explore. You could explore them in any order and you didn’t have to find them all. These boxes may not have survived the weather or may have been removed so we have included invitations to play here. Listen to the audio track with the corresponding title.
Listen to Crossing as you walk to the island:

Grain of Sand

Start a poem using “water words” on a beach:
Beach Speech
Find some stones, seaweed or shells and write a text on the beach:
Stone Poems
Find a stone on the beach, write a poem on it and return it. If you do not have a pen, create an artwork made of stones for someone to find:
Sound Play 
When you find different surfaces underfoot see what sounds you can make with your feet. 
Out to Sea
Look out to sea and think of something you want to say to this place. Share it on this site. 
Glade Walk
What wildflowers have you encountered on Cramond? What season is it? Can you identify them through the ones we found? We would love to see any pictures you take. 
DerelictListen to this when you find one of the concrete bunkers to the north of the island:


A Gift
Please leave something from you on this site #aGift
Postcards from Cramond

Remember to take off your headphones and to listen to the sounds around you. You will notice lots of traces of human activity on this island, please don’t leave any permanent marks of your own. Tide Times is interactive so please do feel free to share any images or artworks you create on the site.


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