Here is the map you need to locate all of the experiences we have made for the island:
Cramond Map Tide Times
Use your map to navigate the island. Each track title corresponds to a place on the island where we suggest you listen to it. There is also a treasure chest in each location for you to find. These boxes contain invitations to play, make and explore. You can explore them in any order and you don’t have to find them all.
Tide Times Audio: 
Remember to take off your headphones and to listen to the sounds around you.  Tide Times is responsive to the tide times of this place, please don’t get stranded. You will notice lots of traces of human activity on this island, please don’t leave any permanent marks of your own.
The terrain along the tidal walkway is uneven at points and there are steep stairs at the start of the journey. The island has some paths but we recommend you wear walking boots, or shoes with grips so that you can safely navigate the terrain. There is little shelter on Cramond and you will be outside for the whole of the time so please wear layers and have a waterproof jacket with you to be ready for all weather eventualities and bring any water or snacks you feel you may need. There are no toilets on Cramond Island but there are public toilets near the parking area by the walkway.

This installation is interactive so please do feel free to share any images or artworks you create on the site.



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