Tide Times

Tide Times is a site-responsive installation by Tim Cooper and Laura Bissell created on and for the island of Cramond, a tidal island situated in the Firth of Forth on the east coast of Scotland. We visited Cramond Island five times between April and August in 2018. This work is an invitation to explore your surroundings, discovering more about this island than perhaps you would on an ordinary visit.

Tide Times is a playful piece that asks you to hunt for the many treasures this island contains, including ones that we have left for you to find. We hope that you will look, listen, smell, touch.

If you would like to experience Tide Times, please visit the Experience Tide Times page on this site where you can access the audio files and map of the island.

Cramond Island is a tidal island and only accessible from the Cramond foreshore at certain times of the day. Please respect the tidalness of this island and check the crossing times on this site.


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